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Fashion Stylist Course

  • Duration: 190 lessons 570 hours
  • Start-up: One year September or January. Two-year only September
  • Attendance: Three classes a week (two-year course), six classes a week (one year course)
  • Enrollment: Until June for courses starting in September. Until November for courses starting in January. Limited number.
  • Subjects: Fashion illustration. Fashion Styling. Textile technology. History of costume. Basis and fancy pattern design. Cut and manifacturing techniques.
  • Professional outlets: Companies producing clothes, fashion workshops, self-employment.
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- Canon of proportions and human anatomy, the draft, the included, the stylization. The technical drawing, pattern  study of the base. The technical details.
- The trend of the theme and target research, research materials and mood. Designing fabric: continuous printing, jumped, mirror, placed. Study of developments in the drapery of the different materials.
- Achievements sketches based leaders: T-shirts, lingerie, swimwear, skirts, pants, jeans, shirts, jackets, vests, jackets, coats, suits, knitwear. Realization ready to wear collections theme and target free: night collection, sweatshirts, sports jackets, shirts, knitwear.
- Realization collections prêt-à-porter theme and set target: a collection suit, large size, day, evening. Realization haute couture theme and set target: collection wedding and evening dresses.
- Textile technology : fabrics, commercial functional and decorative technique.
- History of costume and fashion. Psychology of colors.
- Men's collection, accessories collection and kids collection.
- The structure of the company, the professionals in fashion.
- Construction of a final project: choice of subject, target, materials, construction of the mood, creating a collection with its organic sheets.

- Basic skirt - 12 fancy skirts from sketches and fashion illustrations
- Basic trousers - 6 pairs of fancy trousers from sketches and fashion illustrations
- Shirt and blouse with tailored sleeves and fancy collars
- 6 patterns blouses (raglan, Kimono sleeves, etc.)
- Semi-loose-fitting dress with breast dart. 8 fancy dresses from sketches -and fashion illustrations.
- Anatomically designed top with breast dart and tailored sleeves. 24 fancy transformations.
- Anatomically designed top with raglan sleeves, drop sleeves, kimono -sleeves with gusset, etc.
- Basic Man's jacket with casual revers and two-piece sleeves.
- Woman's jacket with breast dart. 6 fancy jackets from sketches and -fashion illustrations.
- Basic heavy jacket with raglan sleeves. Coat for men.
- 6 fancy coats and heavy jackets from sketches and fashion illustrations.
- Pattern layout from sketches and pictures of evening and wedding dresses.

Modellistica Sartoriale

Equipment: Single needle machine, zig-zag sewing machine, overlock
Fabrics. Width, treatments, and cutting equipment
Cutting of the fabric and manufacturing of a skirt
Cutting of the fabric and manufacturing of a pair of trousers
Cutting of the fabric and manufacturing of a shirt
Cutting of the fabric and manufacturing of a dress
Cutting of the fabric and manufacturing of a waistcoat
Cutting of the fabric and manufacturing of a jacket

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